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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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shutdown. the effects would be crippling. national parks closed, tax refunds delayed and almost 1 million workers off the job. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm tom handily. moments before, workers ended a day-long meeting. so far, no agreement. they tried to hammer out a budget deal that would keep the government up and running after friday's deadline. >> as steve handelsman reports, some believe the powerful conservative tea party and its many freshman house members are blocking a deal. >> we don't want to shut down the government. we want to see harry reid do his job and cut spending now! >> reporter: tea party republicans rallied on capitol hill, freshman lawmakers flexing their muscles. >> status quo is not an option, mr. president. >> they say the showdown is over keeping government solvent. >> and i strongly support the
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cuts that we've made, but it is just scratching the surface. >> reporter: house republican leader speaker john boehner a few hours later. >> our goal is real clear. we'll fight for the largest spending cuts we can get. >> republicans are out on a limb in political jeopardy if government does shut down. today's "wall street journal" nbc news pole finds 77% of americans would blame republicans in congress, 20% would blame democrats in congress, 20%, president obama, just 17%. all of them. president obama accused republicans of threatening shutdown to push their social agenda. >> stuffing all kinds of issues in there, abortion, the environment and health care. you know, there's time to have those discussion, but that time's not now. >> reporter: mr. obama said he's agreed to the spending cuts republicans once demanded. quit playing game, the president told them. act like adults.
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i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. of course, there are many businesses in our area that rely heavily on the federal government. their livelihoods could be in jeopardy if workers are forced to stay home. >> come out here every day any hope to see people come up through the metro and if they don't, we're in trouble. >> federal holidays we don't even open. that's how slow it is. it's not enough to feed your family if they have a shutdown. >> talk of a shutdown has already taken a toll. the greater washington board of trade says contracts have been canceled. conferences have been postponed and hiring has been put on hold. a shutdown could cost washington millions in lost business and tax revenue. how would a federal shutdown affect local washington? tom sherwood looks at the potential problems. that's coming up here at 5:00 tonight. pat pat? >> a u.s. envoy is complaining
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that nato is not doing enough to help their cause. rebel forces have been pushed back by heavy artillery barrages in recent days and a top rebel commander is openly criticizing nato. he says air strikes aren't helping rebels and aren't protecting civilians. pro-gadhafi troops are staying close to civilians to make targeting them more difficult. meanwhile, the u.s. envoy is on the ground in benghazi which is in eastern libya. he's talking about ways the u.s. can help the opposition is fighters. however, u.s. officials say there is no talk about providing weapons. actress angelina jolie is focused on the plight of libyans who have tried to flee the violence in their country. jolie is the good will ambassador for the high commission on refugeeses. today she visited a libyan refugee camp that has been set up on the border with tunisia. >> they've all come so far. so many of the people here have been -- this is their second is time building this place. >> unofficials released a
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statement saying jolie urged more international aid for the refugeeses and that the foundation run by jolie and her partner brad pitt has made a significant donation to the refugees operation. crews in japan are working to prevent any future explosions at a damaged nuclear power plant. they are pumping nitrogen around the reactors to counteract the hydrogen. radioactive water that was leaking into the ocean has finally been stopped, but engineers still can't find the source of the leak. the japanese government is considering expanding the evacuation zone around the plant. there is concern more people may have been exposed to radiation. back close to home, police in fairfax county are looking for the owner of a home where dozens of dead cats were discovered. animal control officials made the discovery at a home in herndon yesterday. news 4's tracy wilkins has the latest today. >> reporter: animal control officer his to get a warrant to
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break down the door to this herndon home yesterday. >> i can't remember the last time i saw the car in the driveway. that may explain an estimated 20 to 30 dead cats were found in various stages of decomposition inside the home. animal control officers wore protective clothing and breathing masks when they entered. the discovery was made after animal control followed two loose dogs into the woman's yard. they saw one dead cat from the window and smelled a strong odor. they say they entered to check on the homeowner's welfare, but she wasn't there. >> i never heard or saw the cats. i would have called animal control months ago if i had any idea that there were cats that were abandoned in the home. >> apparently some neighbors did call animal control, but they say that was some time ago. >> years ago there was a problem with the number of cats that she had outside and there were complaints and then she had set traps for the cats that she fed outside. so we thought that the problem had gone away. apparently she must have just
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taken the cats inside the house and they were never outside. >> reporter: police are still looking for the 50-year-old homeowner who hasn't been seen at this home since before christmas. >> she was very quiet. she was rarely here. she traveled for her job and would be gone sometimes for a couple of weeks at a time, but seemed to be a certainly -- i believe she's got a very high-level professional job, and so this is shocking, to say the least. >> reporter: tracy wilkins, news 4. in temple hills fire fighters contained a blaze at a strip mall to a tattoo parlor. the blaze in the parlor started early this morning inside the celebrity ink tattoo parlor on brinkley road. investigators say overleoaded extension cords started the four. the damage is estimated at $40,000. a warm up is coming, but won't last too long. >> we'll take it for as long as it it lasts. meteorologist veronica johnson
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joins us. how long will that be, veronica? >> about that long. >> do that again. >> about that long. we'll talk about that coming up. the fact that our roller coaster ride continues as we move through spring. the up and down with the temperatures and bi, we certainly didn't even today. we said how nice it's been today, right? i guess that depends on what time you stepped outside because this morning we were around freezing. some locations just under freezing and now we're over 60 degrees. let's check on the temperatures right now. good afternoon to you, folks. you are now up to 62 degrees and then we have a stack of 64-degree temperatures down south around quant owe and alexandria and 66 and fredericksburg. so a warm up all thanks to a southwesterly wind. morningside and prince georges, you're at 61 degrees right now and it's areas north that are seeing a few clouds and yes, that blue, those are rain
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showers. we have this stalled-out weather system just north of us. that's what we'll be talking about as we go through the overnight period. the fact that we'll see more clouds move into the areas as that front gets closer to us. lear here's a look at your good night forecast. 53 degrees by 11:00 p.m. for your evening it will be mild and awfully nice. some higher temperatures, but extra clouds will be coming our way tomorrow and then, you know what that means with all of those clouds, the possibility of wet weather. when will it fall? it will be before the week is over and will it be on the weekend? i'll have the details for you in just a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. >> plans for an underground metro station are going forward and the washington airport's authority has approved the underground station at 9 to 4. the station is part of phase 2 of the dulles metro project. it's not expected to be completed until 2017. however, the cost of the project
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is causing some concern on the part of local officials who hoped for a cheaper above-ground option. news 4's aaron gillcrest will have that at 5:00. in northern virginia we have an accident causing backups there. >> ashley linder has details from the news 4 traffic network. hey, ash. >> good afternoon. this is not a good accident. fortunately, it's against the main flow of traffic any it's completely blocked out of dale city. we're already jammed out of triangle. here's the pace on the capital beltway, though. look at this. we have big delays every which way this early afternoon and both sides very heavy. let's follow that and continue our northbound commute and up toward 270 as you make your approach to river road. very heavy there and outer loop delays begin at 270 and follow you down to the toll road. you're heavy on the approach to the american legion and a brief breather, this is it and it's short lived and you're back in
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the thick of it as you make your way around passing by connecticut avenue and headed to silver spring and the slow pace continues and both sides of the beltway are fine in your approach to the college park area. 270 starting to tack up and one exit northbound, look at that. you're already in those delays. they extend up towards route 80, but fortunately no accidents and just a lot of company this afternoon. pat and jim, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. >> there's good news for those looking to get hired. unemployment rates are falling around the country. they've dipped in more than 300 cities over the past year. financial experts say that's the best showing since the recession ended in june 2009. here in the washington metro area, february's unemployment rate was at 6%, down 0.2% from january. total wage and salary employment increased by 9900 jobs. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, fruit flavors with a kick. a new soda with 12% alcohol hits
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store shelves and a famous entertainer is promoting it. i think kansas has more firepower. >> also ahead, the parody presidential re-election video that's become quite a hit online. >> and why the cast of "jersey shore" isn't going to italy this month aft
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on monday, president obama kicked off his 2010 presidential campaign in an online video. >> but last friday the national republican senatorial committee
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beat him to the punch, releasing a parody of the president's campaign kickoff and guess which video is is getting the most online views? ♪ ♪ >> yes, we did. >> today, we celebrate a president that brought americans together. >> at last check, the parody had gotten more than 800,000 views while the actual announcement had gotten just under 300,000. charlie sheen's live tour may be back on track after a rough start. >> yeah. sheen got a standing ovation in cleveland last night after he walked out on stable in an indians jersey. cleveland was sheen's third stop of his violent torpedo of truth tour. he was booed off the stage, you'll recall, in detroit on saturday and changed the format for sunday's show in chicago. last night sheen used a moderator to answer questions like he did in chicago and according to the hollywood reporter, he told the crowd he still wants to do the movie
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"major league 3" any he'd like to film it in cleveland. sheen is slated to perform in washington in less than two weeks now. you can till get tickets for around $60 bucks. it will be another month before the cast of mtv's "jersey shore" takes their partying abroad to italy. production obstacles and contract negotiations are postponing the trip. it's rumored that snooki, jwow, the situation and pauly d have refused to film until they get more money. a production insider told radar producers are having a tough time finding venus for them to party at. the cast was supposed to leave in two weeks. that would be a party plane if they do go. the prime minister of italy's sex trial began, but it didn't last, but ten minutes. >> silvio berlusconi is accused of having sex with an underaged prostitute and accused of abuse of power. the case has thrown italy into
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an uproar. nbc's michelle kozinski reports from milan. >> reporter: silvio berlusconi's latest defense that at age 74 even he could not have done it, telling a newspaper even though i'm a little mischief maker, 33 girls in two months is too much even for a 30-year-old. these tv showgirls told us berl us cone's infamous parties were elegant dinners where they might dance and the prime minister would sing. he's ache lie second father says barbara guerra, but now leaked photos supposedly show the bonga bonga in progress with barbara guerra dressed not quite like a police officer. prostitutes and young women were recruited for berlusconi, but they defend him. >> he's not a monster. he's like a simple man. >>al sandra says she's been to
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many of the prime minister's parties. >> and they weren't full of sex and partying and naked women. >> i don't -- no. >> reporter: what he's accused of is having sex with teen runaway when she was 17 and getting her released from jail when she was accused of stealing. is all this the end for litly's leader? >> reporter: so prosecutors have 20,000 pages of stuff, lots of wiretaps, but it remains to be seen how much of that is actually damning because what's leaked out so far has not been necessarily at least as far as crimes are concerned. berlusconi has been light hearted about this. the other day while he was handling a tough immigration issue he made a joke. he said when women were asked would they sleep with the prime minister, 33% said yes and 67% said, what? again?
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not everybody, though finds this funny at all. back to you. >> that's michelle kozinski reporting. back here in the u.s. there is growing concern about the number of people turning up at hospitals after taking k-2 and other synthetic drugs. at least 2700 people have gotten sick since january compared with fewer than 3,000 in all of last year. the drugs are legal in most states. they mimic marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances. they're popular because you can buy them for as little as ten bucks. as more people experiment with them, hospitals are seeing a sharp spike in the number of patients with problems ranging from trouble breathing to rapid heartbeats to extreme paranoia and delieuings. nine deaths have been reported. a controversial new alcoholic soda is hitting store shelves called blast. the drink's maker calls it a premium malt beverage with natural fruit flavors, but
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critics say blast targets underaged drinkers by using celebrities like snoop dogg to promote its products. a 7-ounce bottle of the beverage contains about 12% alcohol or the equivalent of one and a half light beers. blast is owned by the parent company of colt 45. it was created to compete with alcopop drinks like four look owe and juice. earlier this year, several states banned the sale of four loco. >> find out which beach made the list of the top five beaches in the world. also ahead, a controversial move. why police officers pepper sprayed an
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beach season is just around the corner and one of the best in the nation is right here on the east coast. myrtle beach, south carolina, tops the list of best beaches on the trip second place goes to cape may, new jersey, and panama city, florida comes in third. in deciding its rankings the travel site considers things like hotels, restaurants and
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activities, and if you were looking for the best beach in the world, you want to head to the tiny island of providenciales in the turks and caicos. >> can i go now? >> we're almost there, right in. >> we'll broadcast from there next week, okay? see you later, folks. >> we have a few degrees before we can get in that mentality. >> sure, around here. >> it's nice that it got warmer today. it started off cold. >> it's just a completely different day from yesterday where we had the cloud cover, but we will get back into the 80s soon. >> how soon? soon enough, huh? >> wait and see! it's been a nice, sunny day, right? what time did you guys head out the door this morning? >> about 9:00. >> it was above freezing. >> it was very nippy this morning. and now here we are at 62 degrees. some locations a little higher than that and you can thank the
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southwest wind for that. now it's 16 miles per hour. humidity at 32%, but beautiful sky throughout the area. a look at some of the temperatures from early this morning below freezing, sterling, mclean, areas around manassas started out below freezing, 28 degrees and just a little higher there around quantico and around alexandria at 34 degrees early this morning. we have warmed up. look at fredericksburg, 67 degrees right now and it will be a very nice evening on the visible satellite loop you can see where the clouds are and they've been skirting around the maryland, pennsylvania line and there have been showers there, just a few and they managed to stay north of us, just to the east, and on the other side of i-83 getting ready to run along 95 and approaching chambersburg, just very light showers. you can see a bigger picture here from erie over to scranton. most of that rain inside pennsylvania will open it up and show you where the weather system is and it's right through
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pennsylvania going back toward michigan. some thunderstorms in the southeast pocket of michigan right now, but those thunderstorms from that big temperature contrast. look at detroit at 37. cincinnati is at 70 degrees right now. so that's the setup and the story for the next couple of days is that we are going to be warming up or at least for the next 24 hours. we'll warm up because we'll stay on the other side of this weather system. tomorrow will be a partly sunny day, but then for a friday, we're going to drop on the other side of this weather system and that means chillier air that will be over us and it also means the possibility of rain showers, i think, from the start of the day all of the way to the end of the day for the end part of the week, but again, 80s are coming. hold on. from 59 to 51 is degrees. high clouds will be moving in. for tomorrow morning a partly cloudy sky and not as chilly as we were this morning. 41 to 46 degrees and by tomorrow afternoon, 65 to 70. here is your four-day forecast. look at that, pat.
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sunday, sunday, sunday. 82 degrees. we'll have morning fog and if you missed the forecast you can always go to >> sunday is the day. >> all righty. >> thanks, veronica. fire fighters from across the region flocked to washington today to honor the first responders lost on 9/11, one step at a time. there was a memorial stair climate the washington hilton today. ems workers went up 110 flights of stairs, the same number as in the world trade center towers to honor the 343 new york city fire fighters who died on september 11th. it was part of a larger event at the congressional fire services institute which lobbies lawmakers on behalf of the nation's first responders. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, nfl players head to court asking the judge to force the league to return to business as usual. could there be an end in sight to the lockout? a report from minnesota up next. plus a truck hits a 2 x 4,
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and comes crashing through a wind she would. the driver
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia.
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inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. welcome back, everybody, at 4:30. i'm jim handily. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening at this hour. there is no budget deal yet to avoid a partial government shutdown on friday. negotiations appear to be stalled over republican demand for steep spending cuts. a shutdown could mean millions
4:30 pm
in lost revenue for local businesses and many big weekend, vents could just be canceled. a white house envoy is in eastern libya this evening meeting face-to-face with rebel forces for the first time to gauge their intentions and their capabilities. meanwhile u.s. military officials tell nbc news that pro-gadhafi government forces are gaining ground on the rebels. police in fairfax county have just found the owner of that house where they found more than 20 dead cats. she hasn't been charged with anything yet. animal control workers found the cats yesterday afternoon at the woman's herndon home. we'll have an update on the story coming up at 5:00. stocks ended the day higher due in part to technology. the ceo of cisco systems promised to take bold steps to refocus the company. the dow closed up 32 points and the s&p 500 rose about 2.91 and the nasdaq was up about 8 points. it was one of the biggest
4:31 pm
days in the nfl off season, but it it has nothing to do with free agent signings or play on the field. today nfl players and owners faced off in court in an attempt to resolve the labor differences that have led to a lockout. jay gray has an update for us. >> reporter: for the first time since the lockout started players and owners met face-to-face this morning in a minnesota courtroom. >> it's difficult, man. you know, because they're like family, you know? >> reporter: on one side of what is now a dysfunctional family, current and former players requesting that federal judge susan nelson issued a preliminary injunction in the case effectively ending the lockout on the grounds it will cause irreparable harm if allowed to continue, while on the other side, the owners, who claim the desertification of the players' union so athletes can pursue litigation individually is evidence the bargaining talks were negotiated in bad faith. >> we do believe that mediation is the fairest and fastest way
4:32 pm
to reach an agreement that works for the players, for the clubs and we believe that ultimately this is going to be negotiated at the negotiating table. >> reporter: as the conflict works its way through the legal system -- >> straight on. straight on. >> reporter: workouts continue for the athletes. >> everybody is doing their own individual workouts. >> while the men used to roaming the sidelines on sundays find themselves, well, on the sidelines again with this labor dispute. >> i'm still hopeful. eventually they'll tell us that we can go back to work and we'll pick up right then. >> reporter: though no one is sure when that may be. judge nelson could make a ruling in the case for the end of the week, but appeals are likely to follow. jay gray, nbc news. a florida judge is barring the public and the media from a key pretrial hearing in the sean taylor murder. the attorney for eric rivera, jr., says media coverage of the hearing could jeopardize his
4:33 pm
client's chances in the trial of the murder of the redskin. he's one of five people accused of killing taylor four years ago at his miami area home. police say taylor was shot and killed in a botched robbery. no trial date has yet been set. the texas a&m aggies are the women's national champions after a gutsy performance in the title game last night. >> the aggies beat notre dame last night 76-70 in indianapolis and mounted a second-half comeback after trailing at halftime. it's the first ncaa women's national championship for the school. 65-year-old head coach gary blair became the oldest coach to win the women's championship. >> what a night. >> it wasn't really a good game at all. the royal wedding is now just a little more than three weeks away. counting down and teachers at the school where print william and kate middleton met and began
4:34 pm
their romance are coming clean. they're sharing their impressions of the man who will be king and his bride-to-be. >> a natural and understated. he didn't put himself forward. he -- he was very keen to ensure that his presence didn't disrupt things. >> he integrated perfectly well with everybody else in the class. in fact, i couldn't really -- it was nothing distinctive about her at all, i would say. so, and she certainly -- she certainly didn't behave with any erres in graces. >> one teacher did say that prince william in a tendency to be tardy. williams was very embarrassed about it and very apologetic. you'll be able to watch news 4's wendy rieger live during the royal wedding. she'll have reports the week before the big day. we're getting a look at a video of a crash that will make you jump in your seat.
4:35 pm
>> wendy cobb went on "the today show" to talk about a cell phone video that she shot in north carolina last week. >> cops said she pulled out her cell phone to record two trucks that had blocked the road as they raced down the highway. the truck in front of her hit a 2 by 4 that rocketed through her wind she would. she's just happy her kids were not in the car with her. >> what amazed me is you don't scream. >> i would have been crazy. >> everybody has said that and i don't know why -- i don't remember. i can just say a stunned silence, maybe. it was horrifying. >> she posted the video on youtube. so far the video has got more than 700,000 hits. >> that was pretty scary. >> whoa! >> there's more to come this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00. a top-floor condo in the windy city was sold for a whopping price.
4:36 pm
you won' you won't believe it. >> plus a 12-year-old boy
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4:38 pm
>> a condo in chicago sold for a
4:39 pm
whopping $9 million. >> the four bedroom, three and a half bath condo is located in the city's historic gold coast area. it was only on the market for about three weeks. boy, that looks like 30 rock on the 30 rock show, doesn't it? the $9 million sale is the highest price anyone's paid for a condo in chicago since a duplex sold for $.8 million last year. the buyer's name has not yet been released. well, a 12-year-old colorado boy who literally stumbled upon a jackpot decided not to keep his riches. >> danny says he was walking along with his friends near the mall when he found the ring. it's worth more than $2,000. his family snapped photos of the ring before turning it into the county sheriff's office. danny says he wanted to buy an i pat with his findings, but his conscience got the better of him and told him he wouldn't be keeping it. it wouldn't be right. >> at first i kind of felt a
4:40 pm
little sad they didn't get the money and then i thought it it wasn't mine to sell. >> so far the ring's owner has not yet come forward. a busy evening coming up on nbc washington "nonstop." join both of us for "daily connection" starting at 7:00. >> on nonstop foodies d.c., why the secret to healthy eating might not be found on the nutrition label. and later on 9:30, the singer from our area nominated for a big award who says she has music in roots. >> it all starts tonight at 7:00 on nbc washington "nontop." when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00, fish fears with radiation leaks into the water. will tainted fish make its way into the united states? >> and why a trip to the movies doesn't have to be bad for your diet anymore. [ sneezes ] allergies?
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believe it or not, on a beautiful day like this, veronica is thinking about hurricanes. >> i'm thinking way down the line. >> that's right. there's a couple of forecasts that come out. the official one from national hurricane center from noaa. that comes out in may, but there's a group of researchers at colorado state university that put out their own forecasts and right now they're calling for a rr active season. in fact, from june through november they're calling for 16 named storms, all right in nine
4:44 pm
of them expected to turn into hurricanes with five becoming major hurricanes. so looking for an active season and personally, i just thank we're going to see a lot more of these tropical systems getting a little closer to the coastline than we did last year. we were very lucky last year. >> we dodged them all. we have to watch the western gulf around louisiana, around the texas coastline, but again, that's not until may, though, that the official noaa's forecast comes out. so we'll see. let's talk about what's going on right now. beautiful sky. look at the calm on the water. wouldn't you like to be there? >> why aren't we there, huh? is that your boat on the left hand corner? >> mine's the one with the red stripe. oh, is that yours? we were wondering. >> 62 the temperatures and a nice day out on the water. 66 around charlottesville and close to 80 degrees in dallas and the masters started today, right? >> i think -- tomorrow's the
4:45 pm
day. >> it's tomorrow. >> they'll have nice weather tomorrow. mid-70s or so. very nice weather and some sunshine down there. we'll start the day with some clouds. 46 to 47 degrees and our high temperature after being in the 40s and not nearly as cold around 70 degrees tomorrow with -- this is a look at friday. the show is coming out through the area on friday and enjoy tomorrow. the roller coaster ride continues and not just for temperatures and wet weather coming through. the weekend, the best day out of the weekend is sunday and we'll go from 60 on saturday to 82 on sunday. >> and we'll still have time to take your boat down the coast. >> thanks, veronica. >> now to a fish story. the fear of fish imported to the u.s. from the area near japan where the radioactive water went into the ocean. >> the u.s. is a big customer for japanese fishermen, but as nbc's miguel almaguer reports
4:46 pm
many americans are concerned about its safety. >> reporter: fresh fish imported from japan. $236 million industry last year alone. much of the mackerel, yellow tail and thai snapper at this los angeles distributor came from japanese waters less than 40 hours ago. still, some restaurants and consumers aren't taking any chances. >> we are not serving any fish from japan now. >> i think as a new mom especially one that's breast-feeding i am worried about radiation and the whole food supply. >> reporter: despite that caution the u.s. government says americans should not be concerned. >> people should feel confident in the safety of the food supply. >> the food and drug administration, the fda, says it's ramped up its examination of seafood from japan. so far, the fda says, not a single radioactive fish has been detect itted in this country.
4:47 pm
>> fda has established a safety net to make sure anything coming into this country is safe for human consumption. >> last month, the u.s. government halted all imports from the area near japan's crippled nuclear plant, but this week, new worries as tons of radioactive water was sent into the ocean after thousands of contaminated fish were found within miles of the plant, the japanese government announced new radiation standards for its fish. india responded by banning imports of all food from japan. on this side of the pacific ocean, japanese fish still sells where you can find them. >> i am a physician, and i'm very much aware of the issues about radio activity and i don't think we really have to be concerned at this time. >> imported fish from japan still considered safe, but today
4:48 pm
some won't take the risk. >> some manufacturers say they won't take any fish from japan and some sushi restaurants say they won't sell it, yet facilities like this that do take it in say it's safe to eat and many restaurants are buying it and so are consumers. again, though, the fda says all fish from japan being imported into this country is safe to eat. back to you. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a surprise afternoon in the barry bonds' trial when the defense rests. and an 8-year-old boy throws a tantrum at school. why police decided to pepper spray him. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, a news 4 exclusive. a collision course at a football camp, what mistakes the coaches allegedly made that landed three student athletes in the hospital. only two days left and till no deal. thousands of jobs and millions of dollars at stake. how the shutdown showdown could impact you even if you do not work for the federal government. >> my engine might be running a
4:49 pm
little -- a teensy bit rough. >> a georgetown student makes an emergency landing but it's not happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open.
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a movie theater chain is trying to make it easier for people to fit into their seats. >> amc is offering a healthy,
4:52 pm
nutritious snack pack. it includes water, and corn chips. amc says the whole pack clocks in at 453 calories and 11 grams of fat and that's a whole lot better than the 1,000-plus calories you get with a soda and small buttered popcorn. >> oh, but it takes so good. >> if that's what you want to eat when you go to the movies. one of the charges in barry bonds' pernlry trial has been dropped. the defense rested without calling a single witness. that means the slugger will not take the stand in his own defense against charges that he lied to a federal grand jury saying he knowingly never used performance-enhancing drugs. closing arguments are set for tomorrow. a second grade boy explains what led police to pepper spray him at home. check us out on twitter. you'll find me at plmuse. >> that's right. i'm jim handily, one word and
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
handled a call that involved her 8-year-old son. they used pepper spray to subdue him. the boy's in second grade. authorities say he was armed with a sharp stick and threatening to kill his
4:56 pm
teachers. as cary sanders reports it wasn't the boy's first run-in with the law. >> this is my room. i'm a fan of spider-man's and the other superheroes. >> reporter: at home 8-year-old aden seems like most kids his age. >> hi! >> reporter: but police say on february 22nd, the second grader went into a violent rage in his classroom. he started throwing chairs at two teachers who locked themselves in an office and called police while aden reportedly screamed if you come out, you're going to die. please say he threw a tv cart and tore wood trim from the walls. >> they tried to deescalate the behavior that occurred. he was swinging a stick. he was using it as a weapon. he was violent. he was verbal. he was abusive. >> i wanted to make something sharp for, like if they came out because i was so mad at them. i was going to try to whack them with it. >> the officers told him to drop
4:57 pm
it. he wouldn't. >> so police pepper sprayed him twice. >> it burned my eyes so i couldn't see. >> our officers had to do something to diffuse the situation in a hurry before someone got hurt. >> aden has a history of behavior problems. this was his third run-in with police at school, but aden's mom says police should have talked him down as they had before. >> i think it's excessive. i think that they could have tried to talk to him for five, ten minutes to see if they could get him to calm down, but it it doesn't seem like that's what they did. >> the officers made a great choice that day in choosing the pepper spray. >> keep in mind, this is the same school district as the 1999 columbine high school massacre that left 15 dead. >> i also now kind of collect these things. >> and even aden admits he's got anger issues. >> i kind of deserved it, but -- >> aden wants to grow up to be a marine, but has concerns.
4:58 pm
>> when i also behave like that i'm thinking my future is going to turn around into the homeless, bad thing way. >> aden has now been transferred to a school for children with emotional issues. and that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. no deal, just two days away from a government shutdown. what's at take if lawmakers cannot reach a compromise? >> animal control called out to a northern virginia home after nearby dogs tipped off investigators to a disturbing discovery inside. >> we have six passengers. we're not going to declare an emergency, but we'll land on the beach. >> why a georgetown university student says he had no choice, but to land on the sand. good evening, everybody. welcome to news 4 at 5:00.
4:59 pm
i'm jim handily. >> i'm wendy rieger. we begin with a news 4 exclusive. several high school athletes seriously injured over the weekend. one still in the hospital and he has a fractured skull. pat collins joins us live from northwest d.c. to explain. what went wrong. pat in. >> reporter: wendy, recently, there's been a lot of attention on concussions and football. at the pro level, at the college level and at the high school level. now some serious head injuries have a local football camp under scrutiny. >> the coaches chose not to do what they were supposed to do. the coaches were to supervise the children that were on that field. the coaches were to protect those children from harm and they fail individual those respects. >> and the law offices of joseph kamarota, they're investigating troublingeg


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